How you are missing my solution in the covid19 crisis: My Email to my local MP John Penrose, Dominic Cummings and the MPs on the Science and Technology Committee yesterday about my covid19 solution

Hi John (Penrose)

Many thanks for this email and letter response.

This scenario is a perfect example of the very thing Dominic Cummings (cc’d in) refers to where he observes that the state does not embrace those that are different and work differently to capture innovation and problem solving. I am glad the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) is being developed so have copied in the Science and Technology Committee and members also to alert them to this. Perhaps it will act as a useful case study. Perhaps they will be more motivated or knowledgeable to facilitate me working with a science team or someone else to take this forward.

I came to you 6 weeks ago with a clear brief on what the solution to covid was and why, following hours of data analysis, which resulted in me spotting a pattern that perhaps others had missed. You are married to the very person, Dido Harding, that would want this information to fall into their lap and that could take this information forward to solve national problems: reduction in deaths, reduction in cases, and all the economic solutions involved with this. I was hoping for you two to have had a pillow talk that may have sorted this out by now to be honest — even if that did mean you and your mates made mega bucks in the process like they did with other things linked to covid.

As I indicated in my initial email and am restating here for those that have been copied in: all covid19 symptoms, blood tests, post mortem observations and now vaccine reactions point back to one unifying element: covid19 somehow disrupts the calcium ion channels in epithelium cells allowing excess calcium to enter cells. The way to address this is to use magnesium — the balancing electrolyte which acts as calcium’s antagonist.

I will also state here that I have also established and personally tested a novel administration method which allows magnesium to work more economically. This could mean potentially more patients being treated with smaller amounts per patient and better uptake. The best part is my solution doesn’t even need trailing for many covid suffers as it is a supplement freely available like vitamin D is and is already in the medical sector! In fact, the deficiency of magnesium is likely the reason vitamin D is low in the first place but the underpinning factor was not focused on with vitamin D deficiency being regarded as another indicator to poorer covid outcomes.

So John, suggesting that I get a team together and apply for funding (and stating that I would be up against Nobel Prize winners) is simply not an appropriate response for someone like me to act upon. You are suggesting I become something I am not: a science project manager. The actual evidence of the work I have done to understand the exact solution to covid is NOT ENOUGH?!! You don’t already have network and contacts to take this forward within our whole constituency and with your wife too: the country? You have tried pushing the responsibility of this situation back into the hands of your constituent! So no, I will not be taking this topic forward in the way you suggest as this is not my role to do so.

I will share clearly here and without breaking confidence that I am struggling to find a UK scientist bold enough to step up and take the professional hit at taking this data into the light. The implications of my work are really concerning as it means that many international professionals being paid to look into this have missed something really significant for over a year. This opens many questions up and causes real dilemmas, moral conundrums, and cognitive biases. If this was missed what else was missed? If the blood test for diagnostics culture is challenged then what do medical practitioners use? How much of the science already in the journals over decades is actually of fairly poor quality?

Who would actually want to sacrifice their career to bring this to light and suffer all the pain from within their own industry with the ‘shoot the messenger’ mentality we have these days? Perhaps it will lead to depression or even suicide from medical or scientific practitioners? Who wants that on their conscience? In 6 weeks I can tell you that no-one in the UK I have approached wants that responsibility so far, so here we are.

However, I am willing to take that hit for the world to get this knowledge shared and be featured in the limelight so that no-one has to feel like a traitor to their peers should this need a ‘face’ and name behind it. However, the control around this means I am unable to even do that as none of the newspapers published my letter and most social media sites take down my videos. It is only within the long covid communities that slow traction to this is being garnered but the medical practitioners are in denial about that there too. There are such high levels of ego I have been physically sickened by my interactions and the stories I have been told from poor people whose lives have been wrecked by long covid but whose practitioners cannot ‘see’ anything wrong in their blood so doubt their reports.

Therefore, I am being forced to move on to things that are more satisfying for me to spend my time and energy on for my own well-being as have reached my limit of getting no-where. I have spent 6 weeks of my time telling the people who need to know about this, about this information (eg SAGE and independent SAGE members). 6 weeks of trying to conform to the retarded systems in the UK is enough to drive anyone to frustration let alone dealing with the grief and personal emotional elements of the situation I find myself in: people in my town, country and the globe are struggling with long covid and dying every day and I know the answer but am being given no way of taking this forward to share that knowledge.

Censorship, fear, control, ego, hierarchy, cognitive biases from those I contact and ridiculous systems are hindering progress at every step of my attempts. I am happy to be interviewed about this should that be useful Science and Technology Committee members.

This ‘excess calcium inside the cells and magnesium being the answer’ is the answer our world requires and here I am now having to write shitty click-bait style unprofessional and rather crass emails like this one at the hopes someone is actually drawn to take action. Is that really what I have to succumb to, to make progress here?

Would this have happened in another country? Perhaps I will pick another one and let you know how I get on, if you are interested.

I hope this clarifies my position on the topic.


Just a girl who loves to think and thinks about love more than anything else.

But who really has reached the end of her capacity on this right now without one single fucking breakthrough in 6 weeks for something that took a matter of hours one weekend to actually solve with zero medical or scientific training higher than GCSE double science!

07xxx xxxxxx (should you wish to use my intelligence for the good of mankind)

A solution-orientated, love-centred, systems-thinking, concerned citizen